Care instructions

I advise that you do not get your jewelry wet.
Natural stones should be kept out of direct sunlight. This can cause some to fade over time. 

Because of the nature of the metals I use in my designs they may tarnish or cause skin discoloration. This is caused by acids in your skin reacting to the metals. Everyone's body chemistry is different so some people will react yet others will not. If you do react, then you may be better off wearing only pure 24k Gold or Sterling silver.

If your piece should tarnish, you may use Tarn X or similar products to bring your piece back to it's original color provided it is suitable for use on the metal that your jewelry is made from.

I advise that you keep your jewelry sealed in the plastic bag / box that it arrived in when you are not wearing it.

Do not wear your jewelry:

*when showering, bathing, swimming or washing your hands

* right after applying lotion, perfumes, make up or oils - or do not apply these items to the areas wear your jewelry will sit.

Because my pieces are handmade you may see slight marks on metal or wire pieces. This is not a defect, but simply where the piece has been finished by hammering or filing to create a smooth finish to ensure there are no sharp edges.

Never wear jewelry whilst using machinery.


Properties of Gemstones -  All statements made on these pages are based on my own very personal views and opinions concerning crystal gemstones and their properties. My observations and the conclusions I have come to may vary from your own. None of what I state here is intended to replace conventional medicine. Always seek the advice of a qualified, registered and certified medical professional.

Choking Hazard -
All of my pieces are hand crafted using small components and are not suitable for children.
Please take care and keep out of reach of children and pets.