My name is Kerry Anne, a red headed soul with a passion for creating jewelry!

I am a self taught jewelry designer and after years of making jewelry and learning new skills and techniques I found that my newest designs started to take on a different look that didnt really fit into the style of my first jewelry business Ginger Gem Crafts which is more gemstone bead work than anything.

Crystal Jewelry Art allows me to feature more of my raw crystals and metal work which go together beautifully to create a more rustic style, some of which require a little more skill.

All of the pieces I make are created in my studio and I proudly run every part of this business myself. 

This includes designing and creating the jewelry, photographing my work, listing the items in my store, designing business cards and packaging, designing and programming my web pages and of course the administration part of the business which involves keeping track of inventory, expenses, licensing and taxes. 

In my spare time I enjoy taking care of our four rescue turtles, two Uromastyx lizards and my koi pond. I love to spend time in the garden growing flowers and herbs. I find much inspiration from nature and all of the visitors we have in our yard such as humming birds, deer, chipmunks, racoons, snakes and the many frogs which have set up home in our pond. There is always something interesting to look at! 

I also love to go on the hunt for crystals. I have been fascinated with rocks and minerals since being a child and have gathered a vast knowledge over the years. Eventually I learned about the healing properties of Crystals and finally took a course to achieve my diploma in certified Crystal Healing. 

I use this qualification mainly for close friends and family when they need to de stress, but I also find the knowledge thatI aquired to be most useful when I am creating new designs using crystals for specific purposes. 

I am truly grateful to all that wear my designs and those that support me in my small business.

I hope I can continue for a long time to share my knowledge and the beautiful crystal energies I work with to the world through my jewelry pieces. 

I will continue to work on new designs for Crystal Jewelry Art and my other jewelry store Ginger Gem Crafts, LLC. 

I have a passion for both and always enjoy creating new and exciting designs for all of you free spirited souls out there! 

Kerry Anne

This is my main work station where I storemy stones, beads, findings, wire and charms.All of my designs begin here.

This is my metal and stone work station. Here I have all of my tools for drilling, hammering, filing, embossing and stamping.

This is my shipping station. This is where I keep all of my packaging materials, business cards, care cards, labels and my printer for printing shipping labels. All orders are packaged here ready for shipping.